Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 75mm (7,5cm) f1.5 pre-war Lens Review

One of the most rare portrait lens from one of the most respected maker, Carl Zeiss Jena. Hard to find any information about lens so all information in next lines  just my guess. Made in limited amount from 1936 up to ww2 to did ruin entire Jena factory.

I think lens was launched to Berlin Olympic Games in 1936 as many others from Jena, they had a significant technology jumps in this years, famous T coating, many new cameras and lenses. Lens made for most popular and succesful early German SLR camera Exakta. Lens wide open less sharp than later post-war lenses, pleasant soft what was requirement from a portrait lens in those years when this lens launched. Stopped down to F2 at least or even better more , stunning performet with swirly bokeh. Lens has simple construction , focusing very smooth , light weight , diameter is not huge so pleasant to use. 



carl zeiss jena biotar 75mm f1 5 pre war-300px

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Fact Sheet


Vendor nameTypeCompatible camera systems
Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar Exakta
Focal Min(mm)Focal Max(mm)Focus Min(cm)
75 75 100
Aperture MaxAperture Min.Barrel length(mm)
1.5 16 64
Elements In GroupDiaphragm actionWeight (g)
6 in 5 manual 310
Filter Size (mm)Push on diameter (mm)Angular field
58 60 30.4

User Comments

 I didn't find any info :(

This lens is a collector dream even with big wallet not easy to get it , due i'ts rarity. If you miss it may need to wait for decades to have it, I was lucky I could buy it to a well known collector, seller Exaklaus, many thanks again!

Exakta mount is compatible with many mirrorless camera system and some popular SLR cameras too like Canon EOS, Olympus 4/3 etc. 

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a great pre-wwII lens
1Sunday, 12 October 2014 22:26
and here are even more samples by a vietnamese flickr user:

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