Fixing bellow on folder cameras

I found a Mamiya 6 folding 6x6 RF camera at a camera show for $40.  Shutter working and Zuiko
75/3.5 (4 element) lens in clean condition.  Shutter speeds to 1/500.  I will show more of the camera
when I finish working on it.

The main problem:  a rather large hole in the bellows:


I tried a new method of patching.  On the inside I glued an oversize patch cut from black gaffer tape.
On the outside I applied many coats of a product called Plasti-Dip which I first thinned with naptha.
I let each coat dry for about an hour before applying the next until it all looked fairly well blended in.
The black Plasti-Dip matches the look of the bellows pretty well.  You have to look pretty closely to see
the patch.

I used a small paint brush to apply it and also painted it on the frayed corners of the bellows which
seemed to work well at sealing and strengthening them.


I haven't tested with film yet (still working on some other areas) but it passes the flashlight test
and folds properly and is flexible and strong.

The Mamiya 6 was made in a number of different versions.  They are sturdy RF cameras with focusing
by moving the film plane forward and back via a rear thumb wheel. This makes it much simpler to
remove the lens groups for flood cleaning of the shutter if needed (not needed on this camera).

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