FUJICHROME Sensia 100 Review

All-round color slide film for every outdoor shooting situation: snapshots, landscapes, and portraits. Fine grain, brilliant and natural colors.

FUJICHROME Sensia 100 [RA] is an ISO 100 high-image- quality daylight color reversal film. Features of this film include beautiful skin tones, natural
and true-to-life color reproduction, and smooth textural depiction. Its high color-temperature tolerance during exposure makes it easily and widely applicable for slide production not only for snapshots, scenery, and other general photography, but also for medicine-, science-, and industry-related photography. Sensia 100 is ideally suitable for slide projection and for making big enlargements, as well as for printing on FUJICHROME paper and making high-quality duplicates using duplicating film.


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Fact Sheet

Vendor name Type Product year
Fuji film
Slide film  In production
Focal Min(mm) Focal Max(mm) Focus Min(cm)
Aperture Max Aperture Min. Barrel length(mm)
Elements In Group Diaphragm action Weight (g)
Filter Size (mm) Push on diameter (mm) Angular field


User Comments

I like this film a lot. My introduction to silde film was with Sensia 100, and when I got the results back I wondered why I didn't switch to trannies years before. Used it on the Great Ocean Road in Austalia recently and it really captured the intense sunsets & coastal areas acurately. Some images almost had a 3D aspect when viewed with light box.


his is a great all-around film and it is very cheap (compared to the others). However, I do not recommend it when the blue colour is dominant/important. Blue usually comes washed and displeasing, because this slide likes yellow a lot. Also with the rolls I have shot, I rate it ISO 120, because it tends to overexpose a bit on I100 - not so with other slides.


Great film! The

Colors I get are amazing. I'll never shoot print film again. I always wanted to know how some photographers get the colors they do, and now I can do the same. The sharpness and color that this film delivers surprises me again and again. I just got back from my cruise in Alaska, and it was overcast the entire time in Alaska, but I we did sail out of Vancouver on a sunny day and I simply can't believe how this film captures the blue sky... so deep and saturated.
This is the first roll of slide film I ever shot, and I was amazed at the color saturation and crisp grain for Fuji's general purpose, non-professional slide film. I have since shot Kodak's Elite 100 and have not found really many appreciable differences. This film is not as high-performance as Provia 100F and can't touch the grain-less quality of Velvia, but it is a good general slide film to use. I've tried all the slide films that come in "yellow boxes" and would go back to Fuji as a first choice every time. My wife will shoot Sensia and get good results even though she is much more proficient with print films. As a "workhorse" film for general outdoor use (mostly scenics and wildlife) this film will perform well, though a more discriminating user will most likely prefer Fuji Provia.


Natural, true-to-life color

Accurate coloration, from delicate pastels to vibrant primary colors.

Stunning sharpness

The ideal choice when detail is the priority.

Rich tonality

Almost 3-dimensional depth -- superb for slideshows.

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