Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135mm f3.5 MC M42 Lens Review

One of the most popular and renowned lenses in Carl Zeiss Jena history. Good looking well designed very sharp lens, good for portrait and short telephoto. Almost all the time available on Ebay for reasonable price, generally good quality I never seen broken pieces in my experience, many of them looks brand new. Highly recommended.


Vivitar Series 1 200mm f3.0 Lens Review

I was so happy when I got this lens, I heard a lot about it's quality. Not easy to get many perfect Nikon lens available on the used lens market ,but hard to find the most famous Vivitar lenses. Perhaps they are sold in smaller amount or owner want to keep them ? Don't know the reason,but that is true this lens available on Ebay with right mount only twice a year.It has quality build , all parts made from glass and metal. Compare with it's age not too heavy , easy to focusing and produce crisp, sharp images even at wide open. It has great resolution and color rendering. This lens part of the American history like Carl Zeiss Jena Olympic Sonar 180mm f2.8 the German history. Close focusing ability is legendary 1.2 m ! This is same distance than many 135m lens has. An excellent macro performer with extension tube, bigger working distance is very important in macro photography to get more light and not trouble the target subject.

Nikon Nikkor lens mark meaning

Pre-AI or Non-AI or NAI

The original F-mount, which offers light meter coupling by means of a prong fixed to the aperture ring.

Not an official Nikkor designation, but in common use. Light meter coupling was manual; the maximum aperture of the lens was communicated to the light meter by mounting the lens with the aperture ring set to f/5.6, and then turning the ring to first the minimum and then the maximum apertures.

U, B, T, Q, P, H, S, O, N, D

Appears immediately before or after the Nikkor name on early lenses, designating the number of elements in the design.

Short for Uns (1), Bini (2), Tres (3), Quatour (4), Pente (5), Hex (6), Septem (7), Octo (8), Novem (9), or Decem (10).


Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm f/2.4 MC Lens Review

One of the most wanted Carl Zeiss lens generally.This is very good lens for macro photography too. It is render very sharp images like Sonnar 135 mm or Konica Hexanon normal and short-telephoto lens.


Asahi Pentax Super-Takumar 105mm f2.8 M42 Lens Review

I guess everybody heard about Takumar lenses quality and so many people use the common ones like 135mm Takumar lenses. They are sharp, quality built lenses. Imagine this quality in a faster, shorter focal length. This lens a perfect, portrait lens very well built, reasonable fast and sharp wide open.Quite rare lens show up two or three times per year on Ebay. In my opinion quality is good as than it's more expensive brother Takumar 85mm f1.8. I really enjoyed to work with this lens. Easy to handle , light weight, always a good performer.

Olympus OM 100m f/2.8 Lens Review

Very sharp, outstanding quality lens. This lens is excellent from every aspects very well built, optically superb and very good looking too.Not very common lens, hard to find, almost nobody want to sell it. So small looks an normal 50mm lens.Perform very well as portrait lens or general purpose traveler lens.You able to use on many DSL cameras such as Canon,Olympus etc.

Olympus OM 200m f4 Lens Review

A sharp quality lens like all Zuiko from Olympus. This lens is excellent from every aspects very well built, optically excellent. Not very common lens,but also not  hard to find.Perform very well as general purpose telephoto lens.You able to use on many DSL cameras such as Canon,Olympus etc. with Olympus-OM adapter.Test pictures in the gallery was taken with Olympus E-1.

Tamron SP 70-210 F/3.5 19AH Lens Review

Very sharp, outstanding quality lens, one of the best zoom lens what ever made by any one. Colour rendering is very nice, a well built lens both mechanically and optically. Little long  and more heavy than prime lenses.

Mir-1B 37mm F2.8 M42 Lens Review

This is one of the legendary Russian lenses. Made on the base of Flektogon but tweaked by the Russians this lens and other Russian lenses issued in 1958 were awarded in Brussels Show with the prestigious "Grand Prix" award. On the other side Mir-1B has very controversial state among photographers. One awe it, others hate it. The lens by itself is very well build. All metal finish, quality paint and robust construction. Image quality is great. The lens produces very snappy colors with great contrast. Wide open its sharpness is acceptable on but 5.6 and onward Mir becomes tack sharp. Bokeh is a little harsh in the highlights but it is a least of concern. Chromatic aberrations are very low to none but the lens easy catches flares so hood usage is recommended. As Flektogon derivate there is no distortion. The lens is ideal for shooting architecture. Mir is a great performer as a macro lens with extension tubes. To keep front protruded lens element clear from scratches and dust it is best to use UV filter. Mir-1b is small almost pocket size. This lens is one small Russian jewel that has an irreplaceable place in my photo bag.

(Written by Sqwall


Meyer-Optik Görlitz Lens List

List of manual focus lenses produced by Meyer-Optik Görlitz.

How to buy old manual focus lenses

In this article I will advice you how you can buy old lenses with maximum safety. You should know only some important thing and you will not disappointed in any way. To use manual focus lenses more than just for fun, you can at very low cost enter into professional level photography.
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