Why interchangable lenses

A lens is good enough to take pictures. In reality, however, cameras capable of replacing lenses and lenses of different focal lengths are supplied in quantity. So why interchangeable lenses? The answer is that every lens has its own angle of view which corresponds to its focal length. This allows the photographer to interpret and/or record each subject individually.


Change of angle of view

Changing the angle of view: Using lenses of different focal lengths changes the area covered in the photograph, The longer the focal length of the lens, the smaller the angle of view; the shorter the focal length, the larger the angle of view.

Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/2 AI Lens Review

Written by Richard D.

Introduced in 1977, along with the AI 1.4, the 50mm f2 ai was only available for a short time but marked the start of the AI era and due to it's relative low cost sold in large numbers. Optically it was essentially unchanged from the pre-AI version.

It's a classic Nikkor of the period, very solidly built with a precise well marked focus ring that exhibits the lovely smooth viscosity of the best Nikkors. Aperture stops are firm with no looseness.


Nikon Nikkor-H 85mm f/1.8 NON-AI

One of the legendary performers, Nikkor-H 85mm f/1.8. A very usable focal length in most situation with fast aperture , perfect combination. Fast, sharp lens even at wide open, perfect built and sexy looking lens. If you have a chance to grab it don't hesitate. Works perfect on all kind of DSLR bodies with suitable adapters.


Auto Revuenon 55mm f/1.4 Lens Review

I was lucky when I got this lens, I wasn't know that this lens made by one of the best Japanese third-party vendor Tomioka. This lens excellent in every point of views optically and mechanically and you can get for very low price ,because the label shows cheap budget lens. Believe me this lens good as any OEM vendor product such as Canon or Nikon.It has M42 mount so you can use virtually on any interchangeable mount cameras.

Olympus OM 50mm f/1.4 Lens Review

OM 50mm f1.4. A beautifully made lens with a fine precision movement feel to the focusing ring that has just enough resistance that makes it a joy to focus. None of your Russian tank grease here, these Olympus lenses have a lovely white, low viscosity grease on the helix. On the Olympus lens I opened it was as fresh as the day it left the factory, usually you can expect to be scraping crud out of the threads on most lenses. The F stop ring is at the front which takes some getting used to, on a lens this small usually it is a rear aperture ring.

Wide open centre performance is above average, of the 5 50mm 1.4 lenses I have I would rate this as 3rd best after the Zeiss Planar and the Yashica ML for sharpness, but slightly better than the Super Takumar (non smc). Stopped down this has good sharpness but not outstanding like the zeiss. A nice lens for general use especially if you are expecting to have some evening shots without a tripod, you may just sneak some shots on a high ISO. I have also used this for shooting bands playing in a club with minimal lighting. It is a good solid general purpose lens.



Leica ELMARIT-R 180mm f2.8 Lens Review

This is the second and last version of this lens, much more lightweight than the predecessor and also completely changed (and much improved) optically. After this lens, Leica produced the APO version, which is yet a different design, and a superior lens, which however costs much more. With it's 850 gr, the Elmarit-R 180 second version is amongst the lightest 180mm lenses of the same speed. Consider for instance that the last version of the Carl Zeiss Jena 2.8/180 Sonnar weights 1400 gr. (and it's also much bulkier). The optical performance of this Elmarit is within the standard of the last versions of Leica -R lenses.


Olympus OM 21mm f/3.5 Lens Review

I was really shocked when this lens arrived I never seen such a small wide angle lens especially super-wide angle one! 31mm long lens with 21mm focal length and takes 49mm filter ? Unbelievable!  I expected very good image quality before I started the test and I wouldn't disappointed !! Amazing color rendering, sharp at wide open as well. Professionally built, superb quality lens.This angle view suitable for architectural and interior photography, short focus distance and lens sharpness provide a pretty good macro capability also.I don't think so, many better lens available on the market at this price level and perhaps if pay much more for a lens it will not help you can't get better quality.I am really, really proud owner of this lens.




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Nikon Series E 100mm f2.8 Lens Review

Introduced in 1979 to accompany the Nikon EM and updated with a chrome ring in 1981 (mine is the earlier type).

The 100mm E Series makes a cheap alternative to the highly regarded 105 2.5. Whilst the rings are plastic the barrel is metal and focusing is smooth and precise with the lovely viscosity of classic manual Nikkors - it's far better than the shorter E Series primes. Aperture stops are easily found, but the ring is a little sloppy in feel. Usual colour hyperfocal distance marks and IR mark are present.
The lens is extremely compact and lightweight, only a little deeper than non-pancake standard lenses. My example isn't multi-coated, I've yet to establish whether later versions were.



Rare Manual Focus Lenses on Mflenses.com

I made a list to show the rarest lenses on mflenses.com, I decided to restrict this list to mflenses.com, because too many rare lens available on the world and I would show each of them gallery and review not just a dry list from lenses and some boring technical data what you can find everywhere.
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