Industar-50-2 50mm f/3.5

I guess this lens was one of the biggest pleasant surprise in my experience. I bought this lens because was incredible cheap around 2 EUR on flymarket. Seller told me this a Tessar clone, I didn't believe it at all. I can tell you this one of the best lens in my collection (see how many I have in gallery).

It was so funny to put this littel on onto Nikon D50 body, but I stopped laughing when I saw the first result. Sharp, sharp as possible and color rendering also very nice. I like this lens except the "bokeh" that is not quality at all. This lens very good performer and such a little, almost don't need space in camera bag. Highly recommended! 


Vendor name
Type name
Product year
 Industar-50-2 50mm f/3.5  
Focal min (mm)
Focal max (mm)
Focus min(cm)
 50  50
Aperture maxAperture min
Lens size (mm)
 3.5  16  50x19
Diaphragm ACTION Weight (g)
 4 elemenst in 3 groups
 preset manual
Filter size (mm)
Body mount
 35x0.5  45  M42


Sample pictures:

Gallery (Hqdesign)

Veijo Vilva 

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Comments (2)
Industry 50mm f3.5
2Friday, 08 January 2016 23:39
Paul Lawrence
I have had one of these for about 30 years - mine has a Leica screw mount - 39mm.
M42 or T2
1Sunday, 23 September 2012 13:11

I just bought this great looking lens. And an adapter M42 to my sony nex7 But, the lens does not fit into the adapter. It goes about half round en then stops. Do you happen to know if this lens may have T2 thead instead of m42? I cannot find out on the internet, all sites say these lenses have a M42/1 mount.. Any idea?

Thanks, best wishes, Joris

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