Tamron SP 350mm f5.6 06B mirror lens

Very sharp, very compact lens. It has amazing colors and details if you count this is a 350mm long lens. I don't know better equipment to make candid shoots , excellent working tool for photo journalist too. It has fixed aperture as common at all mirror lenses. It has only one weakness very rare hard to get it and quiet expensive due rarity and quality. It has several filters what you can mount on rare side.


Fact Sheet

Vendor name Type Product year
Focal Min(mm) Focal Max(mm) Focus Min(cm)
Aperture Max Aperture Min. Barrel length(mm)
5.6 79mm
Elements In Group Diaphragm action Weight (g)
Filter Size (mm) Push on diameter (mm) Angular field
86mm 7.3

User Comments

The SP 350mm delivers excellent optical performance, is the same diameter as the SP 500mm F/8, but is somewhat shorter in overall length. Its surprising that other manufacturers, after introducing their 500mm F/8 mirror lenses, didn't think of the idea of producing a similarly sized lens which is 1 F/stop faster. Thus the 350mm F/5.6 by Tamron was born! Most importantly, Tamron did an excellent job of minimizing off-axis vignetting (light fall-off) and in obtaining very good off-axis optical performance. Minolta, for example, produced their very compact 250mm F/5.6 mirror lens, but the Minolta 250mm had somewhat noticeable off-axis vignetting. Note that the Minolta 250mm F/5.6 mirror lens is, nevertheless, an excellent performer. Tamron, however, realized that compactness wasn't the most desirable design attribute if off-axis vignetting was not minimized and if off-axis performance was not optimized. Tamron correctly realized that, due to the fixed the dimensions of the 35mm film format, that 350mm is approximately the minimal focal length for which a high performance mirror lens can be designed which has minimal off-axis vignetting. Thus the SP 350mm F/5.6 is the same diameter as the SP 500mm F/8 mirror lens, yet has minimal vignetting and, amazingly, also has excellent off-axis optical performance. Accurate focusing is critical since the secondary mirror obstruction diameter is around 50%. The SP 350mm focuses down to 43.3 inches (1.1 meters) for a 1:2.5 macro reproduction ratio. Always use the included lens hood for maximum contrast. This is one of very few mirror telephoto lenses which actually can be hand held without using either a monopod or a tripod.

(Adaptall-2.com )

I used to have a Tamron SP 350 f5.6 mirror - I've never seen another copy, but I loved it. Yes, it had all the characteristics of mirrors as described above, but it was insanely sharp and did good macro. Also, it was fast enough and light enough to easily hand-hold. I personally don't have any use for a 500mm, so I've never looked at those.





Comments (2)
everything great about this lens, but the bokeh
2Thursday, 22 April 2010 00:09
I agree with the previous reviewer about sharpness and colors, but if a smooth bokeh is what you are after, this lens is a definite no-no. If it were available from a rental, I'd take one for a weekend, anytime. Remember that the shorter focal lens mirror lenses have the weirdest bokeh ... ever. It seems that interaction of already weird bokeh with the digital sensor brings out additional weird shapes.
Tamron 350mm mirror
1Saturday, 13 February 2010 21:42
I had one ,long time ago..
sold it that was a silly move, but..few years ago I found one ,then another, and another...
Now I can drop three on the ground and still have one.
If you ever ave one ... don't sell it!!

Even if they have become quite expensive

don't sell...
Friday, 19 February 2010 11:31
I had one a long, long time ago, (since 1982).

I carried it into the digital epoch and I still have it.

I am never, ever going to let it go.

Intersted in buying this lens!
Tuesday, 07 August 2012 08:36
hi ,

I am interested in buying the Tamron 2P350mm f/5.6 mirror lens. anyone ca recommend me where to buy it from ?
anyone is interested in selling one of those ?


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