Carl Zeiss Jena Triotar 135mm f4 Lens Review

People often think "100+ elements" produce better shoots and they are reject triplets, pretty wrong... this lens is sharp, lightweight and bokeh is nice, nice. To get maximum performance certainly need great daylight, in proper light lens is wonderful.

I like to use Triotars also as ultimate portrait lens. In shade where is contrast pretty weak this lens is  easily create hi-key feeling beautiful shoots.  Lens available in Exakta and M42 mount , with RED T marked and without that. Also may you find in export version AUS JENA or just T , due legal battle in past between eastern and western company of Zeiss.

 Focus can be very smooth or dry depend of actual stage of lens, if dry worth to re-lube it. Lenses are usually fine due construction , front lens is protected well, rear glass deep inside in lens tube. 


carl zeiss jena triotar 135mm f4-06 300

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Fact Sheet


Vendor nameTypeCompatible camera systems
Carl Zeiss Jena Triotar Exakta,M42
Focal Min(mm)Focal Max(mm)Focus Min(cm)
135 135 120
Aperture MaxAperture Min.Barrel length(mm)
4 4  
Elements In GroupDiaphragm actionWeight (g)
3 manual  350
Filter Size (mm)Push on diameter (mm)Angular field

User Comments

Like they say the Triotar has very good 3d and very good sharpness, the only drawback is that it''s not so compact as the 4/135 Sonnar. I have got yourself a very nice lens at a very good price.

(forum member std)

Good bookeh, inexpensive, sharp when stopped down, good color rendition.

The Triotar is one of the most affordable M42 telephoto lenses that you can find.

Although it is a bit soft when shot wide open at f4, it is a good performer when stopeed down a bit.

When you set everything correctly you do get very good results.

I was especially impressed by the colours that you will not obtain with any other lens in that price range.


Not common item but no so rare either, typical issue is dry or stucked focus , everything else usually okay, nothing what impact picture quality deeply. Nice piece to any collection often go on lower price due 'triplet' only.


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