MC 3M-5CA 500mm f/8

This lens was a so pleasant surprise, I am Hungarian I growed up under Russian pressure, so I didn't have good opinion about any Russian products even Zenit camera etc. I had also bad imagine about mirror lens I love nice bokeh like East German lens has. I would make portraits from animals or just from their eyes, I  couldn't do that with my longest lens 300 mm Sigma. Long telephot lens prices are in the sky, I am amator photographer my budget is limited, so first of all i bought a Pentacon 500 mm f/5.6-22 MC lens, because price was reasonable and real glass lens. No succes with that see my review here. So after previous bad experience with "big gun", I was shocked how sharp, how light weight this lens.It has nice massive all metal construction , but light weight like modern plastic ones. Highly recommended to everyone.

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