Kiron 105mm f/2.8 macro 1:1 Lens Review

The Kiron 105mm f/2.8 macro 1:1 is one of the finest macro lens ever made. It Looks like a pretty well built lens, I have never heard any negative feedback about this lens, I was so happy when I got it. It has legendary reputation and is quite rare.Anyone in their right mind would not sell it. It has excellent focusing mechanism, that finds correct focus easily. This lens renders razor sharp images with vivid colors and has a very nice bokeh.

Fact Sheet

Vendor name Type Product year
Kiron - 1980
Focal Min(mm) Focal Max(mm) Focus Min(cm)
105 105 34
Aperture Max Aperture Min. Barrel length(mm)
2.8 32 102
Elements In Group Diaphragm action Weight (g)
6 IN 6 PRE-SET 650
Filter Size (mm) Push on diameter (mm) Angular field
52 72 23.3

User Comments

The KIRON 2.8/105 macro is a very complex, purpose-designed macro lens from the mid-1980s. It is manufactured completely of metal, the focus is absolutely free from play, aperture mechanism glides on ball bearings. It had an expendable hood - also made of metal - and can be focused without additional aids up to 1:1. At full aperture (2.8) sharpness and contrast are not outstanding but rather moderate, this is completely normal for lenses of this type. But the softer image and good out-of-focus background can be of advantage with portraits. Stopped down past f/2.8 this macro lens is very sharp and brilliant, with the finest detail visible.

(by Wilhelm Zedler,

I use this lens for about two years now, and I love it. It focuses from infinity to 1:1, is perfectly sharp and has a nice bokeh wide open. It has a slightly longer focal length than the Panagor or the Tamron SP 90/2.5, which I find very useful, and has a built-in lens hood.

(by Marcus Frey)

The Kiron (105mm/2.8) is very sharp. In a 1985 FOTO magazine review of macro lenses, it tested better than either the 105mm/2.8 micro Nikkor (manual focus), or the Tokina 90mm/2.5 macro (manual focus).

I found it (Kiron 105/2.8) to be one of (if not the) sharpest lenses I ever owned. Shots typically at F11 were incredible. I used it quite a bit and even the photo finisher who processed my slides asked me what I was using when he saw the results.

(by Peter K.)

Possibly the finest 100-105mm macro tele ever made, at least in manual-focus form. Came in C/Y mount for Contax/Yashica as well as Nikon, Canon, and others. This exact same lens is also encountered labeled as the 'Lester A. Dine' dental macro. A razor sharp lens at all apertures above f2.8, and at f/2.8, a very sharp portrait lens, with very nice bokeh.

(by Glen)


The Kiron 105 2.8 macro, is phenomenal! As good or better than the Nikkor 105 macro. An incredibly sweet chunk O' glass.
(by  Russ Butner)

Comments (7)
Nice lens
7Friday, 11 December 2015 14:39
Wow, lucky you!
Kiron 105mm f2.8 1:1
6Thursday, 13 September 2012 01:24
I had this in a minolta md mount and it's the only one of my old lenses I miss. Stopped down and focusing close it was razor sharp. Built like a tank. Smooth focus. Quality feel all around. Better built than the Minolta lenses I owned. Fantastic lens.
Kiron 105mm f/2.8 Macro Lens
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 21:47
I have this lens and would like to sell it. If you are interested please email me at
Kiron 105mm f2.8 1:1
5Friday, 23 March 2012 17:05
I have this lens as Vivitar 100mm f2.8. It's a great, great lens and there is very little to complain about it optically. However, I find the long focusing throw (almost 2 turns) a mixed blessing. It's great when you are working slowly on tripod, but makes it difficult to focus quickly. Also an aperture ring is a bit too narrow for my taste. So, it's not perfect, but for the tripod work it's my top choice.
Kiron one to one macro for Canon
4Thursday, 08 March 2012 21:26
Should any of the fans of this lens feel so compelled to send me theirs, feel free.

Of all the lenses I have bought in my time as a photographer, this is the only one that I have literally "worn out." Yes, it is that good.
Kiron 105 mm Macro
3Friday, 15 July 2011 03:51
I'm the proud owner of the Lester A . Dine version created for Dentist
This lens almost defies the imagination in its sharpness & dimensions
I also own the Vivitar 90 - 180 Macro as well & Vivitar 90 2.5
The Kiron 105 & Vivitar 90 are pretty close but I prefer the Kiron
When I need some zooming range for Flowers etc I go to the Vivitar
90 - 180 f 4.5 which is pretty fast but this lens ways almost 3lbs
Usually when I take this lens out it's the only I'll carry 4 the day
I have no problem stopping this lens down but diopter must be right.
Manual Focus is more difficult but my pictures are far better now.
I used to own more AF but only 2 of 20 + are Af
2Thursday, 14 July 2011 23:31
I bought this lens and get good results wide open (i.e. a bright image) but have problems focussing if I stop down. Do you have any tips please?

Thursday, 14 July 2011 23:46
I think your lens has faulty require to show to an expert who able to fix it.
Kiron 105mm macro
1Saturday, 22 May 2010 21:35
I own such a lens as a Vivitar SerI with an aperture of 2.5.
It is an outstandig sharp diamont. I wonder why they do not produce such a perfect lens any more.
Kiron 105 Lester Dine Macro
Wednesday, 07 September 2011 20:48
Recently I took a Macro Pic of a Bee that almost defies realism
I got off about 8 shots of 2 different bees that were quite docile.
I once owned the Vivitar 90 f/ 2.5 ( Tokina ) which was quite good
I ended up selling it as it was to close to Kiron & liked Kiron more
It's a shame they do not MFG such Precision Lenses any more today.
We live in a Automated Age & it cheaper to MFG the AF any way,
Manual Focus is more difficult especially with declining eyesight.
My picture results are much better than when I owned more Autofocus

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