Konica Hexanon Lenses
Reviews, sample galleries , technical data sheets.Konica Hexanon lenses are top lenses they are compatible with mirror less digital cameras. Sony NEX, Panasonic G1, Olympus Pen (micro 4/3), Samsung NX. Here you can read reviews , watch hi-resolution sample photos taken with Konica Hexanon lenses. You can read here about Konica , Konishiroku history. All comments, informations are welcome about Konica Hexanon Lenses please comment articles as you like.

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1 Konica 21mm f4 Hexanon black EE AR
2 Konica 21mm f4 Hexanon first version EE AR
3 Konica Hexanon 24mm f2.8 AE AR
4 Konica Hexanon 35mm f2 EE AR
5 Konica lens list
6 Konica-Konishiroku-history
7 Konishiroku Hexanon 35mm f2.8 F mount