Lens Mount Guide

Help to indetify different mounts before buy.


The FD mount fits all manual focus Canons from 1970 forward; the EF mount fits all EOS series autofocus models. These mounts are NOT interchangeable; adapters are available but I would avoid them.


The Minolta lens mount never changed, until the Maxxum autofocus series came out. Autofocus Minoltas cannot accept manual focus lenses.


The Nikon bayonet did not change when AF was introduced. Lenses can be mounted, but due to electronics, some AF models may not work properly with MF lenses.


The OM mount is the most stable of any MF lens mount, there were never ANY changes in the manual focus series. There are 2 Olympus autofocus systems: the OM77 could accept OM lenses, but AF lenses did not work properly on manual focus OM bodies; the new E1 digital SLR has a totally new, incompatible mount. An adapter has been made to use OM lenses on the E-series digitals, but it is hard to get and probably not worth the cost and effort.


ALL Pentax K-mount lenses will work on ALL Pentax bayonet bodies, including autofocus. For "Program" operation with some models, you will need a Series "A" or later lens.

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