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NORITAR f1.2 137 mm (6 X 3)
2Thursday, 22 March 2012 05:02
Here are some dimensions and descriptive comments for this lens:
It weighs 10 lb 13 oz. Diameters: objective end-ring 5.125"; mount end-ring 5.250"; length 8.312". Mounting is 4 lug bolt-flange, with 6" bolt centers, sized for 1/4" bolts. Manual focus achieved by moving two opposing screws through perhaps 80 degrees in spiral-cut slots in the barrel; this moves the focusing element(s) a longitudinal distance stop-to-stop of about .315". External optical surfaces appear to be coated. The (6 X 3) is white-stamped near the mount flanges.

I have no off-site image-hosting available, but I'll be happy to email pics, and answer questions, for anyone interested; just send an email address to:

Thanks for looking! wlw
NORITAR f1.2 137 mm (6 X 3)
1Friday, 16 March 2012 19:32
I have registered, and would like to post a full description of this lens. I hope to hear from a forum member familiar with it. Thanks...

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