Voigtlander Bessa-I repair

The Voigtländer Bessa 1 is a fairly well made 6x9 folding camera.  There is also a somewhat more desirable Bessa 2 that has a built in rangefinder making it an excellent high quality and very portable medium format camera. This particular one came in for a clean up.
First task is deciding whether to work with the lens/shutter assembly in place or remove it. 


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How I can do calibration of the focusing scale to Vaskar 4,5/105 lens
2Wednesday, 05 March 2014 21:18
Ari Sorvari
I have Bessa I and I guess that who I buy it is clean lenses.

So Distance setting not goes that far than 10 feet mark from closest distance, so I cannot focus to infinite.

Can anyone help me?
Bessa Rfinder black Heliar repair
1Wednesday, 20 June 2012 19:49

Im a Photostudent and i purchased a Bessa, where the Rfinder picture doesnt move anymore.
To open the top section which covers the Rfinder i must demount the wheel on the right side.
After removing the two metal rings with numbers theres a screw in the middle which unfortunately is NOT holding the wheel.
Somebody can give me the instruction to remove it.

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